Beautifully Absurd

My dad is a pretty big Beatles fan. And like most fans who follow a music group closely, he never requests the hits like “Hey Jude” or “Let It Be” because they have been played a bazillion times.

The Easter Gospel readings are the “hits” of the Gospel. I’ve heard them since before I can remember and they are particularly difficult to reflect upon in a way that isn’t banal.

And quite frankly, that’s how I felt reading today’s mass.

“Ok, what can I say that 1000’s of other saints and brilliant theologians haven’t already said about the Resurrection?”

I’ll be honest; I have nothing… except this:

Continue to journey with Christ. Be ever more joyfully intoxicated by the beautiful absurdity of this season. Trust Him.

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This will be my last reflection with Diocesan. For a kid who struggled to get a B in English classes and didn’t finish college, I am humbled to be able to serve others through the written word. I will continue to share essays through my Patreon page. Sincere thanks to Tommy Shultz for asking me to write in the first place. And again, all glory to God for every good thing my compositions were able to do.