Help! Help! The footsteps grow louder and louder. The mysterious voices are growing louder and louder. You keep yelling help and before you know it there are two explorers looking at you with quizzical expressions on their faces. After what feels like an eternity of uncomfortable waiting the two explorers let out some chuckles and start to help you out of your trap. Once you’re free the two men introduce themselves as John and David. They walk you back to their hut and give you some food and water and listen to the story of how you ended up where you did. John and David set up a small bed for you in the corner. In the morning they have agreed to help you get back to the beach where you landed and get you set up for your trip back home.

Grateful and relaxed for the help John and David have given you, you easily drift to sleep not only ready for the adventures of tomorrow but excited….The End.

Shhh! You decide to be quiet because you don’t know who or what is approaching and don’t want to attract any dangerous animals while you are trapped. Your heart is beating as the footsteps and voice grow louder. One voice turns to two and it grows louder and louder. It sounds like two men and they’re talking about something they discovered somewhere farther into the jungle. The voices and footsteps stop and you open your eyes to see two explorers looking at you with quizzical expressions on their faces. After what feels like an eternity of uncomfortable waiting the two explorers let out some chuckles and start to help you out of your trap. Once you’re free the two men introduce themselves as John and David. They walk you back to their hut so they can get you some food, water, and get you all set to travel back home in the morning. As you reach the beach you start to hear an alarm! It grows louder and louder, you cover your ears and close your eyes, the world seems to start swirling around you. You open your eyes and you’re home in your bed. The whole crazy island adventure had been a dream. It felt so real that it has given you new confidence. You are ready and excited for whatever adventures await you today…The End.


You’re almost to the hut, and you are wondering what or who you will meet. You’re hoping it will be someone who can help you return to your craft and get you on your way back home. Although this island is beautiful and it has been an amazing adventure, you are definitely ready to be on your way back home. You’re only a few steps away from the hut and see signs that someone does live there, but you aren’t sure if they are home or not.

Do you knock on the door, or do you look through the windows to see if  anyone is home?

Knock. Knock! You decided to be polite and knock on the door to see if someone is home and would be willing to help you get home. You knock once, twice, and right before you can knock a third time SWOOSH, you are scooped by a net! You’re caught and stuck just hanging in the air. You try your best to look around and see if there is something you can grab to get down, but you see nothing. You’re only option is to wait until whoever lives in this small hut returns home…To be continued next week.

Sneaky, sneaky! You quickly and quietly sneak to the back of the hut so you can look in the windows. You look in the window. You look around the room, and there is nothing too strange…. Everything you need to make it back home! As you are looking around, you hear the snap of a branch and muffled voices. You quickly run down the path behind you to hide. You make your way around a big tree, and you suddenly fall into a pit that had been covered by branches and leaves. You are trapped…To be continued next week.


You keep pushing forward, hoping to find some better shelter. A sigh of relief, the rain has finally stopped, and the birds are singing their beautiful songs again. Although you would like to sit here and enjoy the sounds of the jungle, it is starting to get late and you need to find better shelter before the sun sets. You look up ahead and see that the path forks. There’s two signs, one sign has what looks like a bridge drawing on it, and the other is too worn and covered in moss to see what it says.

Left it is! You head down the trail towards the bridge and start to hear the thundering sound of water crashing against the rocks. The sound grows louder as you walk around the last bend in the trail. The most breathtaking waterfall towers before you. The setting sun is creating a rainbow in the mist, and you are in awe. You could stay there for hours but you really need to keep moving and find shelter for the night. A quick glance around and you see the bridge, if you can really call that a bridge. Some of the planks are missing and the ropes look like they haven’t been replaced in years. You take a deep breath and quickly and carefully make your way across the bridge. With each step the bridge creaks and moans but you make it across! You look ahead and see a hut, a sigh of relief and you head over to the hut…To be continued next week.



Right it is! You’ve decided to embrace this adventure and choose the mystery path. You reach the end of the trail and see a hut in the distance! All you have to do is somehow make it across the alligator infested lake, you think to yourself perhaps you should have gone left, but you’re here and you know you can figure out how to make it safely across. You walk along the bank of the lake and spot a raft. You find a long sturdy stick, climb on the raft, and begin pushing the raft across the lake to the hut. The alligators take notice of you and start swimming towards you. You move faster so you can safely get to shore. A few more pushes of the stick on the rocky bottom of the lake and you’ve made it safely to the hut…To be continued next week.


You made it safely, you’re taking in the beauty of the island when BOOM! A crack of thunder and the afternoon sun slips away and the rain comes pouring down. You need to get out of the rain, you look around searching for a place to escape the storm. You see two options that could get you out of the rain.

Do you seek cover in the small cave by the shore? Or do you follow the sign that points to a path into the jungle?

Take cover in the small cave! You make it to the cave and are thankful to be somewhere dry. Looking around you see something on the wall. Upon examining you see it is a series of drawings that tell the history of the island. Mesmerized by the detail in each drawing you take your phone and use the flashlight to continue following the story farther into the cave.  You push forward a bit further until you find yourself standing in front of a heavy, wooden door…To be continued next week.

Travel down the jungle path! You make a dash for a path that is marked by and old wooden sign with an arrow on it. The rustling in the bushes beside you is making your imagination run wild. Even though you are afraid you push forward, hoping you will find some shelter soon. You hear a low growl and whip around to check behind you. The growling grows louder and you sprint away feeling the pressure of eyes behind you. You trip on a branch and hit your head…To be continued next week.


It’s a beautiful morning, you’ve packed your bags, eaten your breakfast, and are ready to start the day. As you reach for the door knob you wonder where the day is going to take you. You realize you must make a choice. How does your journey begin? At the marina or at the airport?

Your journey begins with a choice…so what will it be, sea or air?

CAST OFF! You’ve decided to travel by boat, the sea breeze and warm sun are just what you needed. But suddenly a storm surrounds you! A gust of wind blows your boat towards an island and you decide it would be best to try and find some place to take cover until the storm passes. You reach the shore and…To be continued next week.

TAKE OFF! You’ve decided to travel by plane, the freedom and excitement of flying is just what you needed. You see an island in the distance and notice something strange on the shore. You decide to land to investigate and…To be continued next week.

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