for the parishes of the

Diocese of Orange

Diocesan is proud to partner with the Diocese of Orange to bring you Camino, Catholic Data Management Simplified. Neil Kessler, IT Director, is endorsing Camino to all parishes within the diocese. If you are new to Camino, feel free to register for one of our webinars below or complete the contact form to learn more, or sign up. Below, you can also find a letter from Neil explaining this partnership and how you can benefit from a truly Catholic database solution.

Letter from the Diocese

Over the past several months we have been investigating different products to help our parishes with database management, communications, and evangelization. One of these products, Camino, has been in a pilot stage with 5 of our parishes and has had great success. Now more than ever, especially since COVID-19, it is important to know exactly who our members are and to be able to communicate well to our parishioners and evangelize to the community.

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