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Increase Your Ability to Reach People

The inability to reach people when needed is generally the function of two things: not having the right contact information and not communicating where people are paying attention. These two factors combined are known as your potential reach and can determine your ability to get people engaged in parish life. Below are four steps we recommend to increase your reach as people return to Mass.

How to Increase
Your Reach

Ask for Permission to Send Messages
Ask parishioners to sign-up for Evangelus, and choose whether they want to receive emails or text messages. Let them know this is the easiest way for them to receive important news.

Tell Parishioners to Stay Connected
Emphasize the importance of staying connected with the parish. Make this a front-and-center action for these first months as people return. If your Pastor stresses how important this is, people will respond.

Frequently Promote Signing Up
Week after week on every platforms whether it is streaming events, posting on social media, announcements at Mass, or messaging through your app – remind people to opt-in to Evangelus, like your page, and share your posts.

Continually Engage with Parishioners
Communicate consistently across all of your channels. We built Evangelus to specifically make this easy for parishes with the least amount of time and the most affordable price.

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