Way of the Cross Mary

Walking The Way Of The Cross With Mary

The Stations of the Cross are a Catholic staple. Most of us have spent more than a few Friday nights during Lent praying the way of the cross. Sometimes, though, it’s good to get another perspective on a tradition. And that’s where the Way of the Cross with Mary comes in.

There are many variations on this, but the focus is to try and see Jesus’ suffering through the eyes of His Mother, the eyes of a parent. Mary can only stand as witness to her Child’s pain:

I can’t describe his face, with the blood and the sweat, and the bruises and swelling from the beatings. As a mother, I can hardly tell you that there was even spit on his face. It was the face of solidarity with all who have ever experienced abuse and violence.

Creighton University’s Online Ministries has a wonderful Marian Stations of the Cross. (They have other really great Lenten prayer resources as well.)

Perhaps a new perspective on this tradition is just what you need during Holy Week.