Advertising is about Growth.

Growing your business is dependent on attracting new customers while keeping current customers coming back. Our unique, three channel ad model is designed to do exactly that.

Print. The Heart of your Community.

Your print ad puts your business at the heart of your community.

Every week your neighborhood Catholic church is filled with your friends, neighbors and fellow business owners. They are potential and current customers who actively visit businesses that support the local Catholic Church.

Every week your print ad is there too. In full color and in the hands of your customers.

The Web Reaches New Customers.

Our web based platform on is about connecting your business with people in neighboring communities. Gone are the days of only caring about customers in your ZIP code.

Catholics travel. When they do, they look for a Church. When they find a church, they find you.

Mobile means Now.

Our mobile marketing infrastructure takes your business to the customer. Mobile advertising is local, regional and national. All at the same time and all in the palm of your customers’ hand.

Customers get access to your business instantly. Instant access to directions, your website and your contact info.

New and existing customers are everywhere.

Be Successful.

Give us a call and start today.