Consider Us Your New Co-Worker

We aren’t so different. Many members of our Customer Care team have worked in Catholic parishes. They understand what your job entails and how great it is to have someone to help you get through a tough time.

Whether it is creating documents in Word or Publisher, setting up a spreadsheet in Excel, or properly using Google Calendar or Docs, our Customer Care Plus team will take the time you need to be successful.

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Support that Serves your Parish

There is nothing similar to working in a Catholic parish office. You have your own set of unique problems, hurdles and constraints. It isn’t easy to make your software work best for your parish. This is where we excel.

Your customer care specialists bring with them invaluable career experience in both diocese and parish offices, including bookkeeping, development, stewardship, youth ministry, IT support, Catholic cemetery management, parish business management, bulletin editing, and all the liturgical roles you might expect from Altar Server to Choir Director to Eucharistic Minister.

More than just phone support, we help you serve your parish well and accomplish your mission of bringing people to Christ.

Software Support
A la Carte or Bundle It

It’s up to you. Either way, you save money for your parish and
get the premium support you should expect.




Church Office
Formation Office
Facility Scheduler
Ministry Scheduler


Excel, Word, Publisher & Powerpoint


Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Gmail & Drive

$25 per program – *PDS Support

Church Office, Formation Office, Facility Scheduler, Ministry Scheduler,
Ledger, Payroll & Network Support

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We Have Something In Common

We will find the quick answer and if there isn’t one, we will find the long answer too. Either way, we will take the time needed to get you going again.

You want your problem solved and so do we.

Additional Services

Customer care goes beyond software support.


Sometimes you just need someone to sit down and walk through things. That someone is us.


You can’t have too many back-ups. Easily and safely store your data on our secure servers.


Are the numbers just not adding up? Turn to us to figure out where it went wrong.


Run a smoother parish office with G-Suite. We know the starting process and make it easy.

It’s More Like, G-Sweet.

More Catholic Parishes are moving to *Google Suite to manage many of their office tasks. This cloud-based suite is taking over where MS Office falls short. Access all your communications, calendar, documents and spreadsheets from anywhere. Easily share and collaborate with parish staff.

Catholic Parishes qualify for non-profit status with G-Suite. This means there are no costs associated with the software. No licensing or Upgrade fees like other Microsoft products. Now, for the sweet part; we can even help you apply and get approved to begin using the full suite of software. Learn more about G-Suite for non-profits.

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get G-Suite help.

Now Serving

Gmail – Docs – Calendar – Sheets – Drive

No Cost Software.

Google for Non-profits is a free program where they give away their premium product suite at no cost.

What does your parish get?
– Free, unlimited Gmail accounts that end in
– Office Products: Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.
– 30GB of space for Drive documents and email hosting
– Admin access over all your organization’s accounts

Step One. Get Verified.
The main thing that stops many parishes from adopting G-Suite is the application and verification process. It’s OK, we can help you with that, too.

Our Customer Care Plus team can get you verified and train you on using the G-Suite admin tools. It’s all part of our comprehensive G-Suite support packages.

A Full-Service Office

Most parish offices run on Microsoft. We do, too! Over the course of our long 65 year publishing history, we have used just about every version of *MS Office.

With Customer Care Plus, our specialists can help you with labels, creating flyers, preparing for your presentation, fixing that spreadsheet and more. You name it.

Don’t worry about long wait times and expensive support. Give us a call, we are ready.

Call 877-455-9300 to
get MS Office help.

Now Serving

Excel – Word – Publisher – PowerPoint

PDS Support. Continued.

We do not sell *PDS software, we just help you use it. When you pick up the phone, you want answers. You need to run that report, create that letter and manage your collections. You don’t need to feel rushed off the phone because we’ll take as much time as you need. You just want answers. That’s what we do.

Caring for people goes beyond the programs we support. We are unified in the Church and our work is to serve you and your parish. Expect patience, kindness, and understanding from Customer Service. Don’t worry, we have been doing this for a long time and we are here for you.

Call 877-455-9300 to
get *PDS help.

Now Supporting

Church Office – Formation Office – Facility Scheduler – Ministry Scheduler
Ledger – Payroll – Network Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call with questions about Customer Care Plus?
Please call 877-455-9300 or use our contact form. A Customer Care Plus team member will be happy to help you.

Can I purchase software from you?
No. Software can be purchased directly from the provider. We do not resell any 3rd party office software. We help your parish use it properly and work through issues.

Do you provide training?
We sure do! Give us a call and we can discuss the best training option for you.

Get the help you need.

Our Customer Care packages are meant to be customized for you.

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Customer Care Plus

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Personalized Software Training

Whether you’re looking to get more out of your programs or just brush up your skills, on-site support can be tailored to you. From one-on-one training for new employees to classroom style training for an entire staff (invite your neighboring parish staff along as well!), we can come to you.

Schedule your training today!
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Your Customer Care Plus Team

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Administrative Support


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Administrative Support

David Cotton
Technical Support

Christian Heiss
Customer Care

Kay Kunz
Technical Support

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Technical Support

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Technical Support

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Technical Support

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Technical Support

Consider us your new coworker. Give us a call.

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