Built with Parish needs in mind, our Hybrid Sites have all of the great features our clients have asked for. Your online presence is crucial, especially during this time of increased online communication. With prebuilt pages, themes, and the flexibility to match your branding, you will be up and running in no time.

Quick Timeline

Creating a new website, or even modifying your existing one, can be very time consuming. Our Hybrid Sites can be up and running for you in days. Our experienced team will work with you to apply the colors, fonts, and logos that make your parish stand apart.

Cost Cutting

Time is money. Our Hybrid Sites save time and cut costs by removing the costly process of both designing and building each page individually without compromising on quality. On average a Hybrid Site is 70 to 80 percent less than creating a website from scratch.


With our prebuilt Hybrid Sites, you still have the same editing flexibility of our fully custom sites. Allowing you to change content, structure, and appearance to please both you and your visitors. Additionally, our Hybrid Sites contain the most asked for features and functionality that our parishes have requested over the past 10 years.

Mobile First

Since over 50% of your web traffic can be mobile, all of our websites are built with a “mobile first” mentality. We want to ensure all those who visit your website, regardless of the device they are using, have the best experience.

Support You Can Count On

Our design team and content specialists are always ready to help. Start to finish, we are here for you. Whether you have a simple site question or need in-depth support, you can expect the same quality of service that Diocesan is known for.

Beautiful Websites Built with Your Needs in Mind

You have options! Check out our professional pre-built websites to see which one would best communicate your online presence.


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