Helpful webinars to help better connect with your parishioners today, each lesson focusing on a unique aspect of Catholic communication.

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Parish Data & Your Mission

Join us to see how cleaning up your database, managing households, and organizing members can align with your parish mission using Camino.

January 14

Thursday • 1 pm EST

Contributions & Tax Letters

Join us to discuss posting contributions and sending out end-of-year tax letters using Camino.

January 21

Thursday • 1 pm EST

Sacraments & Certificates

Join us to discuss managing sacramental data and printing certificates using Camino.

January 28

Thursday • 1 pm EST


The Power of Mid-week Messaging

Join us to discuss how to reinforce the key messages of the parish each week as well as best practices for cross promoting your communication channels using Evangelus.

January 19

Tuesday • 11 am EST

Empowering Your Ministries: Creating Groups & Assigning Admins

Join us to discuss how to create Groups, Subgroups, and add group admin using Evangelus.

January 26

Tuesday • 11 am EST

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