All banners are 33″ x 84″.
Set canvas size (image size) to real banner size in inches (33″x84″).

Design the banner at 300 dpi or higher since this will help you take maximum advantage of a banner printer.

Saving your design in high resolution PDF is highly recommended.  Also submit the original file as a jpg to make sure you get the correct output.

Keep all text within the 1-inch margins to avoid the possibility of any text being cut off during the finishing process. Do not include bleeds, printer prints edge to edge. Include background color in your file.

Important Design Tips

  • Keep text and images 4″ from top and bottom for an optimal viewing experience
  • Use high-quality images
  • Keep it simple and try not to clutter the design with text
  • Using a thicker font for text will allow the viewer to read it from a distance
  • Don’t skew logos or images – make sure they are scaled proportionately when scaled up or down.

Software Instructions


Convert all text to outlines. Expand all fills and strokes. Save as PDF file.


Flatten the image. Make sure your file contains only 1 final background layer. Save as PSD file.



You must save your Publisher file as PDF or high resolution (300 dpi or greater) TIFF or JPEG.


File-Type Instructions

PDF, EPS & AI Files
Convert all text to outlines. Expand all fills and strokes.

Make sure your JPEG or TIFF is set to 300 dpi at full size in inches. As a general rule, JPEG and TIFF files less than 1 MB in size cannot be printed. Do not compress or optimize your JPEG or TIFF and save at 100% quality.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions!