Formation Walk Through

Creating a new class

  • Go to the FORMATION tab in the main menu
  • Select CLASSES
  • You will then see the screen below
  • Click ADD NEW CLASS in the top right corner
  • After clicking ADD NEW CLASS you will see SCREENSHOT 2
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
  1. Give the Class a name (Required)
  2. Add a Start and End Date (Required)
  3. Class Period will automatically be generated after dates are entered
  4. Add a Location (Optional)
  5. Add a Room Number (Optional)
  6. Add the Cost of the class (Optional)
  7. Add a Start and End Time (Optional)
  8. Add Notes for the class (Optional)
  9. Allow Online Registration (Optional) – You will see 3 new fields appear if you choose this
  10. Choose the Frequency that the class will meet (Optional)
  11. Add the Catechist(s) for the class (Optional) (The catechist you are adding must be a member in Camino and have the Catechist checkbox checked)
  12. After the required fields are filled out and any optional fields of your choice are filled out you can now press SAVE in the top right corner of the screen
  13. Your new class in now created

After pressing save, four new tabs will pop up next to FORMATION CLASS

Screenshot 3
  1. Additional Fields
    1. These fields are custom fields that can be added to the Formation Online Registration form
  2. Class Schedule
    1. If the FREQUENCY section was filled out when the class was created the Class Schedule will automatically be generated for you
    2. If not, you will be able to manually add Class Sessions. You will add SESSION DATE, TOPIC, and NOTES
  3. Roster
    1. On the left side of the screen, you have the ability to add students to the class and fill out information about the student
    2. On the right side of the screen, the list of students in the class will appear
  4.  Attendance
    1. On this screen, you can mark whether a student was Absent, Present, or Unknown for certain sessions. When you change UNKNOWN to PRESENT or ABSENT the changes are automatically saved
    2. In the top right corner, you can press DOWNLOAD ATTENDANCE REPORT blank or with attendance filled out

Online Registration

There is a specific link that is built for your parish. If you do not have the link to the form, contact Camino support to receive the link to the form

  • Once the form has been filled out and submitted the name of the student will appear in a list under Formation>Online Registration
Screenshot 4
  • The student is not yet enrolled in any class, they will still need to be confirmed
  • Click on a student
    • Verify they registered for the correct class. The class they chose can be changed at this time
    • Verify the contact cell phone and email. These are the only other fields that can be changed at this time
    • Confirm the student into the class
  • You have registered a student from online registration