How do I add members into Evangelus?

Adding members into Evangelus is easy. You can add a single member with an email or phone number by tapping on the add member icon. Using the import function, you can add a list of members.

Add a member

  1. Select Groups
  2. Select the Group to Add Members
  3. Click on Add Member
  1. Enter the phone number or email address of the new member
  2. Click on Continue
  3. Enter Firstname, Lastname, birthdate, etc. (none of this is required)
  4. Click on Add
  5. Check the box for “I have permission from these individuals to send them communications.”
  6. Click on Add Members

Import members

  1. Select Groups
  2. Select the Group to add the members
  3. Click on the Add Member Icon
  4. Click on Import
  5. Select a .CSV
  6. Import members