I am having trouble signing in. What should I do?


  • Close Camino window and then re-open in a new window
  • Click on the logo, then press Shift+F5 (Called a hard refresh)
  • If a login screen does not appear within 15 seconds
    • Clear your browsing history (ctrl+shift+del keys in chrome) in edge (three dots, then settings then privacy then under clear browsing data click “choose what to clear” and then select all time)
    • Close the browser (making sure to close all tabs)
    • Login screen will appear
  • If issues persist contact support, Call 1 (800) 994-9817 or email camino@diocesan.com

Apple Products (IPhones, IPads, and Mac)

  • For IPhones and IPads
    • Go to settings
    • Scroll to “Safari” or the browser being used
    • Under Heading “Privacy and Security” turn off “Prevent Cross Site Tracking”
    • Close Safari, re-open and then sign in
  • For Mac (Laptop or desktop)
    • Go to the Safari App or the App of the browser being used
    • Go to Preferences
    • Then click privacy
    • Turn off “Prevent Cross Site Tracking”

NOTE: When logging in if the error message says “Sequence contains no elements.” This typically means that the system is not recognizing the login credentials. Logout of Camino from the webpage and verify the email and password you are using to sign in is correct