What’s the difference between Standard Fields and Advanced Fields? Forms – Field Types and Description

Standard Fields – Very changeable to different types of input

  1. Single Line Text – sentence or two of information
  2. Paragraph Text – Textbox for lots of information
  3. Dropdown – Shows one option to begin with but can choose one option from the list
  4. Multi Select – Shows one option to begin with but can choose multiple options from the list
  5. Number – used for input of a numerical value
  6. Checkboxes – can select multiple options which are all displayed to begin with
  7. Radio Buttons – can select one option which are all displayed to begin with
  8. Hidden & HTML not used very often
  9. Section – used to break down longer forms down into bite sized pieces i.e. Information for certain people
  10. Page – used for long forms, adds a next/previous button

Advanced Fields – Used more for specific types of input

  1. Name – Prefix, First, Middle, Last, and Suffix (labels can be changed)
  2. Date – Date of Birth, Date of Marriage Requested, etc.
  3. Time – Time of Mass, change to 12 or 24 hr format.
  4. Phone – Phone number format of Area code or International
  5. Email – Makes sure they input an email through validation
  6. File Upload – can specify allowed formats and upload multiple files even
  7. CAPTCHA – used to prevent spam coming through the form, always add one to the form.
  8. List – user can dynamically add more content depending on necessity.
  9. Consent – Checkbox that they agree to certain term & conditions