Why, in my report, is some information missing for a household, but not others?

Go through these options that are typically the answer to this common issue

  • The Preview tab has missing information
    • Typically if the field is blank that’s because the field is blank in Camino whether it be first name, mailing address, or check number
      • Always double check Camino to make sure that the information is entered into Camino
      • Check your reporting criteria. Make sure you are not exluding the information that you are attempting to report on
      • After these steps if the information is in Camino and does not appear in the report, contact support 1(800)994-9817 or at camino@diocesan.com
  • My generated document has missing information
    • Check the preview tab and ensure that the value appears there
    • If the value appears in the preview, but not on your document
      • Redo the mail merge, ensuring no extra spaces are in front or behind the field you are pasting in
      • Be sure to SAVE and close the document and be sure to re-upload the document to Camino