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Woe To You? / ¿Ay de ti?

Click here for daily readings God has an awesome plan for humanity – a plan of rescue and radiance for each one of us and all of us. It began in the Garden of Eden and is woven throughout the whole history of the world, from Adam and Noah and Moses and Abraham and David,

Love in Heart and Deed / Amar de Corazón y de Obra

Click here for daily reading Jesus explains what is meant by “learn to do good” (Is 1:16) in the Gospel, saying, “Whoever loves father or mother . . . . son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and whoever does not take up his cross and follow after me is not

Packing List / Lista para Empacado de Maletas

Click here for daily readings Are you an over or under packer? For most of my life, I have been an over-packer. The person who packs both a sweatshirt and a jacket, just in case. Enough socks for every day of the trip knowing the forecast is sandals weather. Slowly, I am working on letting

Be Like Jesus / Ser Como Jesús

Click here for daily readings When I was a youth minister, “What Would Jesus Do” was everywhere. Do you remember that? “WWJD” was plastered on hats, tee shirts, rubber bracelets, lollipops, stickers, keychains, notebooks and more. It was a good question, meant to encourage us all to pause and consider, before speaking or acting, what

Allowing the Holy Spirit to Guide Us / Permitir Que el Espíritu Santo Nos Guíe

Click here for daily readings Navigating the world and daily life is so very challenging. The pairing of today’s Scriptures is equally so: sheep and wolves, serpents and doves, the path of the just being straight while sinners stumble. The wise and the prudent understand these obstacles and traps. Contemplating and sifting through this imagery

Without Cost You are to Give / Gratuitamente Debes Dar

Click here for daily readings The life of today’s saint, Benedict of Nursia, and this passage from Matthew’s Gospel go hand in hand. Benedict’s own life was a proclamation of the Good News, and as he founded the Benedictines, society flourished in a way that had not been seen before. The monks, following Benedict’s rule

Keep the Kingdom of Heaven at Hand / Mantener de Cerca el Reino de los Cielos

Click here for daily readings Early July is traditionally vacation time for my family. I am a big fan of resting, relaxing, and recharging. However, I must admit that I haven't always invited Jesus away with me. While the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, it is not always in my heart—or part of my

The Harvest is Plenty / La Cosecha es Abundante

Click here for daily readings In this Gospel passage we hear how Jesus has compassion on his people, on his sheep. They are harassed and helpless. They are in need of a shepherd and He is that Shepherd. We are still a harassed and helpless people. We are still in need of a shepherd perhaps

The Power of Touch / El Poder del Tacto

Click here for daily readings Today’s Gospel gives us two examples of Jesus performing healing miracles. The woman who was hemorrhaging blood and the dying child of the official. In both of these stories, we are missing the names of the females. They are both considered unclean in the Jewish culture; the woman because she