Making Music Part Of Your Prayer Life

In the Catholic Church, we have a rich tradition of music. We anticipate the traditional Christmas hymns that resound on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: Joy To The World! During Stations of the Cross, the mournful sound of the Stabat Mater brings us deeper into the mystery of Christ’s Passion.

There are many contemporary Catholic musicians who are creating beautiful music as well. At CatholicLink, Becky Roach tells us about “11 Catholic Artists That Will Rock Your World.” There is some terrific music here. What a great addition to our prayer lives!

One of the videos Roach shared is from the Josh Blakesley Band. Enjoy their song, Grateful. Then check out some of the other artists and the music they are creating for the Church.

simple offerings

Simple Lenten Offerings

At CatholicLink, Luisa Restrepo has put together a list of 25 Simple Offerings to make this Lent a time to grow closer to Christ.

For instance: be joyful at work. Yup, every day. Joy is a virtue, so cultivate it.

Or you might try only buying what is necessary. Stay away from the mall, online shopping and the book store.

Don’t be negative on social media. Don’t give into the trolls, don’t be snarky, don’t be uncharitable.

Our Lenten sacrifices aren’t about “giving up” a bad habit just for the sake of gritting our teeth and getting through the next 40 days. It’s about becoming more like Christ. We are meant to be saints, so let’s get a bit closer to sainthood this Lent.