Catholic Data Management

For the Pilgrim Church

Parish Software for the Journey

Instantly access contributions, records, religious education, and reports with the cloud-based software built specifically for the Catholic Church: Camino. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Familiar Workflow with
Surprising Performance

Imagine the features you use every week, without the problems or frustrations that come with them. Camino gives you a familiar structure with a faster and smoother experience. We didn’t recreate the wheel; we removed the bumps from the road.

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Organized Information for the Diocese

Because Camino is a cloud-based program, all parishioner information can be accessed on one database, making it easy for a diocese to standardize the process across all parishes. Your information is protected with the highest levels of log-in and data security, exceeding industry standards.

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Track Contributions of All Kind

Manage regular parishioner giving as well as pledges for campaigns. Entering contributions is refreshingly smooth, responsive, and fast, making information instantly accessible from anywhere.

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Manage Family &
Sacramental Records

Manage parishioner records in a familiar workflow but with reinvigorated speed and ease. Camino embraces the strengths of current systems and marries them with up-to-date, convenient technology.

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Manage Religious Education

Manage schedules, communicate directly, track attendance, and generate reports. From start to finish, Camino simplifies the religious education process.

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Create Reports. Send Letters.

Generate simple or complex reports. Whatever combination of information you need can be done with Camino. Send tax letters to parishioners or communicate through email.

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