Add a Household and Members

Add a new Household

  1. When in the household section, you will see in the top right corner a button that says, ADD NEW HOUSEHOLD, click that
  2. Add the last name and first name of the Head of Household. Leave the other fields blank for now
  3. Under the Physical Address section click NEXT
  4. You will see a box pop up on the right side of the screen that says “Person does not exist, click here to continue.” Camino searches for possible duplicate profiles during this time. Camino will give a list of possible duplicates if there are any
  5. After clicking  “Person does not exist, click here to continue” you will fill out household information. This is different than the member information, that will come next
  6. Required fields have an asterisk in them
  7. After filling in the household information, you will click the “Add Household Member” tab
  8. After clicking “Add Household Member” you will see all the fields that you can fill out about the member. Again required fields have an asterisk in them
  9. When finished click the SAVE button in the top right corner. If required fields have not been filled out you will get a Form Validation Error
  10. You have created a new Household in Camino

Add a new Member

  1. In the Households section, find the household that you want to add the new member to 
  2. Click on the household and you will be taken to the household’s profile
  3. Click the second tab ‘Household Members’, you will see a listing of members that are currently in the household
  4. Click ADD NEW HOUSEHOLD MEMBER in the top right
  5. Fill in the required fields indicated with an asterisk(*) and then any other information that you have
  6. Click SAVE in the top right
  7. You will be taken back to the ‘Household Members’ listing and you will see the member you created in that list
  8. You have created a new Member in Camino