How do I create a message?

The messages feature of the app is the most important and impactful feature of the myParish app.

  1. Go to the Messages tab of the admin site
  2. Click create message
  3. Enter your message text
  4. Click on the grey field for Publish date and use the 3 step drop down menu system to choose the date and time for the message to be sent
  5. Add a web link to the URL Link field if you would like. It must be the full web link including the http or https. The best thing to do is to open the web link in another browser window, copy the link, and paste the link into the URL Link field.
  6. Add a Reply Email if you choose. Otherwise replies will be directed to the Response email listed on the church page of your admin site.
  7. Almost always you want to select Yes for the Send Push Notification
  8. Select a Message Category
  9. Click Create Message