How do I create groups?

  1. Log into your admin site and go to the Groups tab.
  2. Choose Church and select your church from the Filter By a Church field
  3. Click Create Group
  4. Enter a Group Name and Group Description
  5. Make sure the settings are toggled the way you would like your group to work
  6. Click Save

Once your group is created it is important to establish a moderator. Here’s how:

  1. Using a Music Ministry group as an example it would be advised to converse with the proposed leader, for example the choir director
  2. Encourage the choir director to go to the Groups button on their phone and “Join” the group
  3. As an app admin you will accept their join request via the admin site
  4. From the members tab copy their email address from their account
  5. Go to the moderators tab and paste their email address into the search window
  6. Select their account.