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Evangelus makes it easy to quickly post messages to your parish or group Facebook page. Staying present on social media is a great way to reach beyond the walls of the parish into the local community. Follow these simple instructions to get started. NOTE: This is a one time event to connect Facebook to your Parish or Group. Once completed, you can simply post messages to your Facebook page along with sending to any other channel.

Don’t have a Facebook page set-up yet? No problem! Contact our Customer Care team at 800-994-9817 for help on getting that started.


Before you can connect your Facebook page you will need to first have the follow tasks completed.

  • You must have a Facebook page for your Parish or Group.
  • You must be an Administrator of that Facebook page.
  • You need to login to Facebook using the same browser where you are using Evangelus.
  • You need your Facebook account password handy.

Choose your group

Commonly parishes will have one Facebook page for the entire parish. Sometimes groups in the parish, such as the women’s group or the youth ministry, will also have a Facebook page. Evangelus lets you connect to different pages for different groups. The process below is the same in each case, however, for the parish, you will want to connect specifically using the “All Members” group.

STEP BY STEP – get connected

  1. Select Groups from the Evangelus main menu.
  2. Select the Group you want to connect to Facebook: for example “All Members.”
  3. Select the “gear” icon from the center column to access the settings for your group.
  4. Scroll to find the toggle for “Link Facebook Profile” – enable this toggle.
  5. A Facebook authentication window will open. Enter your password and follow the prompts.
  6. Select one Facebook page that this group will use to post messages.
  7. You will now see your Facebook Profile and Page listed in the group settings.

Congratulations! You can now send your messages to your Facebook page.

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