Evangelus is an email service. It’s a texting service. It messages myParish App. It updates Facebook and Twitter. It updates websites. Use each tool separately or together in any combination.

The Choice Is Clear

Debating whether email has more value than an app, or texting has merit over your website, is like arguing dress shoes are better than running shoes. Both are needed for unique purposes. Evangelus sends to email, text, app, social media, or web. It’s the only choice that makes it easy to communicate everywhere, from one place.

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Don’t be charged more for growing your ministries. You will always pay one, low price, no matter the size of your parish and her ministries. Our goal with Evangelus is to see your parishioner engagement grow as much as possible. Go as big as you want with unlimited everything! Your cost? As low as $54 a month when you sign up today.

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Switching is Easy

Switching services isn’t a problem. Our support staff can get you running smoothly in no time. In fact, switch today and pay 25% less than what you are paying with your current text & email provider. Get more features and reach more people for less money.

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Catholic Through & Through

Most communication services are shaped by business and not by ministry. Every tool within Evangelus aids Catholic parishes. From the simple message designer to proactive liturgical reminders, Evangelus helps you stay on top of messaging and be proactive.

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