Parish digital communication has long been limited to one or two forms of messaging. Those days are over. Communicate without limits.
Communicate with Evangelus.

Message Multiple Channels at Once

Send unlimited email, text, app, social media, and website messages easily with Evangelus. Save time by creating your message once. Evangelus automatically formats your message for each channel. It easy to do and saves you time.

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Let Ministry Leaders Lead

Open up Evangelus to your ministry leaders. Create unlimited Groups for ministries and give leaders access to manage their specific group. Because safety is a top priority for us, group admins can only access and manage their specific group.

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Communicate Like a Pro

You don’t need to be a designer to create an attractive message with Evangelus. Our tools make it easy for you to send eye-catching messages to inspire response.

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Keep Parishioners &
Your Parish Safe

With Evangelus, the Parish is protected by keeping parishioner information and conversations private. Minors cannot be messaged directly. Strong security is too important to take lightly.

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