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Is Evangelus easy to use?

Super easy. Keeping Evangelus easy to use is goal number one. We have worked closely with parish offices for over 65 years. We know the hurdles and limitations you are faced with everyday. Evangelus is built for you. Simple, Easy and Powerful.

How much does Evangelus cost?

Evangelus is the only communication program that offers one low rate for unlimited messaging, groups, and people. The cost is only $75/month when paying annually or $79/month when paying monthly with no commitment.  The best part of flat-rate pricing is that you do not have to pay more the more you use it. Learn more about pricing here. 

We are a small parish, do I really need this?

Yes! Evangelus is perfect for small parishes. (Medium and large ones too!) It’s is easy to use and manage for small parish offices. Evangelus also saves parish administrators time as it is simple to post to multiple places from one place with one message. Learn more about Evangelus features.

Is it safe environment compliant?

Evangelus follows all guidelines to be safe environment compliant. We also go beyond the normal messaging rules and do not allow direct messaging to anyone under the age of 18.

How is this different from FlockNote?

Evangelus makes it possible for your parish to move beyond just email and texting. Some people will check Facebook for information while some might want a text. Evangelus organizes your parishioner’s preferences as well as your communication channels. Create your message once and Evangelus automatically formats your message for email, text, app, social, and web.

Our parish has an older demographic, do I need this?

Yes, indeed! Age is a big misconception about digital communication. Mobile phones, social media and internet use are no longer just enjoyed by the youth. As a matter of fact, the two most active age ranges for mobile users on our site, DiscoverMass.com, are 65+ (27%) and 55-64 (23%). 

Do you need to have Facebook to use Evangelus?

Having a Facebook account is not required. However, it does make your messaging more powerful. Evangelus is designed to take the hard work out of frequent social media posting and will help you become a pro on the digital continent. Learn more here.


How many messages can I send?

As many as you would like! Communicate with as many people as you want as often as you need. The best part is the price stays the same. So, send away!

Can I send text messages?

You sure can! Unlike other texting programs, you don’t pay extra the more you text. Don’t be shy about communicating with people. Send as many texts as you wish! It’s always one low price.

Can I send email newsletters?

Absolutely. Use our email designer to create your own beautiful emails or choose from our professional designs to get you started.

Can I schedule messages?

You sure can! In fact, we recommend it! For better results, the best times to send and post messages is either 9:00 AM or 7:00 PM. In the morning people are going through their messages as they start the day. In the evening people are settling down for the night and catching up on email and social networks.

Do you provide templates that I can use?

We sure do. Our team of designers is constantly creating liturgical relevant designs, for every week of the year. We know not everyone has the time or desire to design custom emails all the time. So, let us make it easy for you.

Members & Groups

Can I import my parishioners contact info Into Evangelus?

Yes! We recommend that this is one of your first steps. Either use our import form or take the easy route and let our Customer Care team do it for you. Contact us if you would like to discuss an import.

How many groups can I have?

Unlimited. Create as many groups or sub-groups as you need. Perfect for ministries, small groups, staff departments, etc… Also, create unlimited administrators to manage specific groups.

How many people can I send to?

As many as you want. Send unlimited emails, texts, push notifications, social posts and website updates.

Can I see statistics?

You sure can. You can view statistics on your groups and your messages. We also monitor the health of groups and let you know how your groups are performing.

Account Information

Do you need to have the myParish app to use Evangelus?

myParish App is not required to use Evangelus. However we highly encourage it. Groups sync seamlessly between Evangelus and myParish App. Combined they provide a powerfully Catholic platform for messaging more people and inspiring parishioners to practive their faith every day. With our bundled pricing, adding myParish becomes an affordable decision.

What if I want to cancel?

You are free to cancel at any time. 

Can I purchase Evangelus just for my department?

Yes! You can purchase Evangelus for your ministry. We make it easy for your group to sign up and create an account.

Do you provide training?

We sure do. Our support staff is here to help make it easy every step of the way. Have a question, give us a call at 800-994-9817.

Do I need to download and install software?

Nope. Evangelus is completely web based and all features work on desktop, mobile and tablet.


Where can I find the Terms of Use and Privacy policy?

You can access our Terms of Use here and our Privacy Policy here.

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