Why Flat Rate Pricing Is Great For Catholic Parishes

Unlimited everything. One low rate.
Master the art of communication.

The mission of flat rate pricing

The underlying mission of Evangelus is to help your Catholic parish grow and thrive. This is why we set out to create a communication tool that is easy to use, powerfully Catholic, and at a price point that gives every parish the potential to be successful. It’s this last part that we address with flat-rate pricing.

Much of the costs centered around messaging is connected to the volume of emails, texts and push notifications that you send. This is why other companies charge you more money the more messages you send or members you have.

To us, this directly underminds what we need to do as evangelists for Christ. We need to communicate regularly and reach as many people as we can with our life-changing message of hope and salvation.

The potential of your parish outreach should not be held back by your budget. Your parish should not have to pay more to share the Good News with more people.

It was mission critical for us to solve this problem and we did.


We think of communication differently. The value of Evangelus is not solely tied to the number of messages that you send. Because Evangelus is more than that.

We understand your parish is dealing with bigger issues. Most parish offices are understaffed and don’t have the resources to effectively communicate across email, mobile, text, web and social.  Consequently, we see parishes select just one or two of these channels and call it good. They are trying to do the best they can with what options they have.

All parishes, regardless of size, benefit from posting to all these locations from one place, with one login, from one message. You no longer have to spend extra time to log in one place to send an email, another to send a push notification, then login into Facebook or Twitter to copy/paste the same message. Evangelus saves one high-valued resource in the parish office; time.


So, go ahead, put your entire member list in Evangelus and send messages to everyone, everywhere! We have you covered.

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