Happy Feast Of The Assumption

Happy Feast of the Assumption from all of us here at Diocesan. Mary was constantly present to Jesus as His mother. I like to think about home life growing up for Jesus. He had a Mother and Father who cared about Him deeply and helped Him to grow. It’s no secret that family life has taken a blow in our culture. But we still have hope. As long as we have the witness of the holy family, we can work every day to care for the ones we love and realize the importance of our presence in their lives.

Paradisus Dei has created a very well done video that speaks to the importance of being present in our families. I thought we would do a bonus post today for the Feast of the Assumption and share this video with all of you.

May we all learn from the example of Mary and look for ways we can be present to our families. From all of us here at Diocesan, God Bless!